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In an effort to promote the culture and folk arts of Mexico, this site is dedicated to bringing you diverse
information about the wonderful folk arts of Mexico, Mexican crafts, and Mexican culture.

The authors of this site have lived and traveled extensively throughout  Mexico and wish to share their
enthusiasm and their knowledge of Mexican folk art with other folk art enthusiasts.  We would also like to
share some of our experiences with the specific artisans we have met during our time here.  In this site, we
also provide
buying tips for many of the kinds of Mexican folk art listed in this site.

In this site you'll find information on the following Mexican folk arts and traditions:

The Traditions and Folk Arts of Mexico

Mexico is truly a country for lovers of folk art. From the intricate art of the Huichol Indians to the popular
images of Frida Kahlo and the Day of the Dead, Mexico's folk art traditions are like nothing else in the

Also thanks to “Fridamania” and a growing interest in the traditions of the Day of the Dead, there is an
increasing curiosity throughout the world about the traditions of Mexico and the huge diversity of fine and
folk art that can be found in this country. Read about our featured artisans

In addition to the most popular folk arts of Mexico, we'd also like to introduce you to other art forms that
you may not be aware of, such as the delicate and colorful paintings made from
popotillo, a kind of straw.  

We have also discovered a wonderful
folk artist from the state of Chiapas who creates beautiful
works of art from wool.  She makes these fanciful animal figures, which make great Christmas
ornaments or natural toys for children.
a festival of mexican folk art and traditions
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